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Leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical earthing electrode, copper bonded rods, Earth Pit Cover


Chemical Earthing Electrode

Earth pit cover are made of High density polypropylene and can withstand upto 7 tons.


Gel Earthing Electrode

Galvanized iron Electrode offers a low-impedance ground in large soil resistivity with Back fill


Copper Bonded Earth Rod

Copper bonded rod can be a good solution for earthing when installing with Good quality.


Earthing Pit Cover

Earth pit cover are made of High density polypropylene & can withstand upto 7 tons of load.


FRP Earth Pit Chamber

Earth pit covers are new age earth pit covers and commonly accepted in almost all the sectors.


Advance Pit Cover

This supplier by us excellent durability & optimal strenght to withstand subtantial load of any kind.


Earthing Inspection Chamber

Earthing Inspection Chamber have good chemical level of resistance and no absorption.


GI Earth Electrode

GI Earth Electrodes ensure longer life to equipment and machines , safety of humans.


Copper coated Earthing Electrode

This grounding rods are made from low carbon Steel with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.


Earthing Pit Covers

Earthing Pit Covers are made of high density poly. Its comprises conical shape & having less element.


Ground Enhancing Material

This Enhancing compound is environment friendly and does harm Ground water.


Conventional Lightening

A Conventional Lightning Arrester is a conductor mounted on top of a building & connected to the ground through a wire or earthing strips, to protect the building at theconventional time of a lightning. This is a metal strip or rod, usually made of copper or aluminum & down path is made by Copper/Aluminium/GI strips or Wires.

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We have worked with many of the large Companies and around the metro area to help them. We provide a best quility product and are committed to provide excellence in chemical earthing.

SG Power

SG Power is best manufacturing and Supplier Company of Chemical Earthing Electrode, Copper Bonded Earth Rod, FRP Earth Pit Chamber in India

SG Power ( Safe Ground ), Managed by Top notch Professionals, Head office at E 23 , Arya nagar Ghaziabad, have been providing solution to leading manufacturer, supplier and trader of a wide array of Maintenance Free Earthing Electrodes, GI Earthing Electrodes, Plate Earthing Electrodes, Earth Back Fill Compounds, Earth Pit Chambers.

Backed by Robust manufacturing unit to cater varied / customized needs of customers and capable of handling bulk orders with assuring no additional time delay.

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