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The lightweight, heavy duty earth pit chamber with its unique design has resulted in performance capabilities superior to the traditional concrete pit, at a similar cost. Manufactured from a high performance polymer, the lightweight, heavy duty earth pit chamber is UV stable and chemical resistant.The lightweight earth pit chamber weighs only one tenth of the conventional concrete pit yet is load rated to an impressive 2,000 kgs or more. It has a lockable lid and improved working area compared to the concrete inspection Pit. In addition, the features incorporated within its design ensure ease of storage, reduced transportation costs, ease of installation and ease of subsequent inspection and testing of the earth electrode system, therefore providing significant practical benefits to both installers and the customers.

Feature and Benefits


  • Light weight construction
    The earth pit weights only one tenth in comparison with a massive 30 kg for a concrete pit.
  • High load-bearing capacity
    Safe working load of 5,000 kgs or more superior to that of the traditional concrete pit.
  • Lockable jam free lid
    Once installed the lid can be lockedto prevent tampering with the earthelectrode. Once locked, the designof the lid is such that debris cannotbecome jammed between the lid andthe surround.
  • Unbreakable material
    The high performance polymer issignifi cantly less brittle than concrete, reducing the likelihood of wastage dueto breakages.
  • Stackable design
    Resistant to most substances, including petrol, oil, diesel, bitumen and concrete.
  • UV Stability
    UV additive minimizing the effects of direct sunlight.
  • Wide temperature applications
    Capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures.
  • Improved working area
    A larger working area, with improved access, simplifi es both initial installation and subsequent inspection.
  • Rod placement area
    This ensure that the Earth Rod iscentrally positioned, simplifying earthclamp connection.
  • Screw retention facility
    The stainless steel, rustproof screws may be snapped into the lid, preventing loss whilst in storage or on site.
  • Optional Earth bar facility
    An earth bar may be inserted in the pitto allow for multiple connections to the earth rod.
  • Quality assurance
    Fully Compliant to the manufacturing quality standards

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