G.I. Earth Electrode

SG power’s GI Earthing Electrodes is one of the most reliable and commonly used earthing solutions. The metal in GI Earthing Electrode is coated with a layer of zinc. As zinc oxidizes and reacts with gases in the atmosphere it will eventually form a protective coating of zinc carbonate that will protect both the zinc and the iron beneath it and thus gives long lasting earthing system.

GI Earthing Electrode Features GI (Galvanized iron) Ground Electrode provides a low-impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity. Together with Back fill Compound, the system dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions.

Models Electrode Diameter (MM) Length (MM) Internal Strip Size (MM) Conductive mineral filled
SG 2402503 GI 40 2000 25 X 03 YES
SG 2402504 GI 40 2000 25 X 04 YES
SG3402504 GI 40 3000 25 X 04 YES
SG2503004 GI 50 2000 30 X 04 YES
SG3503004 GI 50 3000 30 X 04 YES
SG2755006 GI 75 2000 50 X 06 YES
SG3755006 GI 75 3000 50 X 06 YES

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We have worked with many of the large Companies and around the metro area to help them. We provide a best quility product and are committed to provide excellence in chemical earthing.

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SG Power ( Safe Ground ), Managed by Top notch Professionals, Head office at E 23 , Arya nagar Ghaziabad, have been providing solution to leading manufacturer, supplier and trader of a wide array of Maintenance Free Earthing Electrodes, GI Earthing Electrodes, Plate Earthing Electrodes, Earth Back Fill Compounds, Earth Pit Chambers.

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  • Email: sgearthingelectrode@gmail.com

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