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Copper coated steel grounding rods are made from low carbon Steel & are molecularly coated with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. This conductor is high strength, excellent elasticity as steel but also good conductivity and corrosion resistance like copper.

In Grounding rods, pure copper atom through molecular structure plated to the steel core. Copper Bonded Rods help in dissipating the leakage current to help any assets being damaged from hazards of the same.

These rods are manufactured according to international standards.

Copper layer is very helpful in extreme soil conditions such as excessive salt / moisture content, where the copper provides superior corrosion resistance and extra ordinary long life

Earth Enhancing Compound is filled in the hole bored for the installation and that assists in substantially lowering the earth resistance and reduce impedance by increasing the contact area of Rod to the soil.

Model Rod Length in mm Rod Diameter in mm Copper Bonding Thickness
SG314 CB 3000 14.2 254 microns
SG514 CB 1500 14.2 254 microns
S317 CB 3000 17.2 254 microns
SG517 CB 1500 17.2 254 microns
SG325 CB 3000 25 254 microns

Copper Coated Earthing Ground Rods

Order Type Bulk/Reatil
Brand SG Power
Material Copper
Usage Industrial
Packaging Type Bubble Wrapping
Location Pan India
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