Polyplastic Water Meter Protection Box Cover

sgearthingelectrode Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor Exporter of Plastic water
meter Protection boxes. A water meter box is the best option to
protect your water meter from destruction. Protecting your water meter is
probably the best venture that you can make on the grounds that most water
meter boxes are very affordable, attractive and durable. If water meter damage
then very costly to repair a water meter and it is advised that everyone buys a
Polyplastic meter box. SG Earthingelectrode manufacturer two most popular color
water meter boxes are blue and black water meter Boxes but we are customized
as per customer requirement water meter Boxes color and size. The standard box
covers the 5/8 x 1/2" and the 3/4" water meters.
Water Meter Protection boxes are rectangular and Circular Shapes
were used to protect water meters from cold temperatures because
the weather affected the meter’s accuracy. It’s manufactured by
polyethylene material. That’s a reason cheaper, more attractive and easier to install compare to Iron meter boxes.

water meter box


  • Environment Friendly rust Proof
  • Factory constructed 4 openings for earth conductor / strips and so forth
  • Removable top for Pit inspection.
  • Size 300 mm(D ) x 320 mm ( H )


  • Water Meter Protection Box are fabricated from high grade fabric.
  • Water Meter Boxes have top chemical resistance and no absorption.
  • Fire resistant upto fair volume.
  • These Earth Pit Covers have significant operating load potential
  • Very mild weight making their usage consumer pleasant as compared to concrete earth pits.
  • Easy get right of entry to to electrode to see electrode health check.

Water Meter Protection Box in India

Order Type Bulk/Reatil
Brand SG Power
Material PVC/Plastic/FRP
Usage Industrial
Packaging Type Bubble Wrapping
Location India
Price Please Contact


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